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Crest White Strips

Are white teeth worth it? I'm wearing an upper and lower Crest white strip as I write this. This is my second day, and these things are gross. I've decided if I don't talk, or swallow while I wear them I might be able to deal with it. They taste bad...and 30mins is so long! We'll see if I can keep up with this, or it might just end up like my work-out "routine", which is more sporadic then anything else. I managed to evade the whole cost situation though, and got a box of 40 for 15$. Sweet deal!

Anyway, back to TLC's What Not To Wear...
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Anybody out there?

I haven't used this journal in years...literally. I wonder if anyone is on livejournal these days? or is it all facebook and twitter? I'll admit, I have a facebook and I check it regularly. But I happened onto livejournal to sell some body jewelry and thought I might post a quick update. How is everyone? I miss the days of coming home and posting a step by step on my day. So much is different now it seems almost silly to write about it.

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Septum News

Got my septum cut September 1. It was horrible. But I'm at a 0g now and it was worth it.
Gretchen took this photo with her cell phone right after we were finished.
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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!!

I always have a hard time starting an entry... hmmm

My navel never healed so I had to downsize it. I'm back at 4g :(

My tattoo with Paul was 07.25.08. It was a miserable experience both the tattoo and the healing. Its been almost 2 weeks now though. The first photo Paul toke right after he was finished. The second (under the cut) was taken about 4 days later.

I also uploaded a couple new photos.
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True Story

Some coke-head I went to high school with was on the Tyra show yesterday.
(it was for the Nivea challenge.)
Click here to see (Caroline,21)

...so jealous

Another true story...
Today in target, an old woman slipped a 5$ bill into my purse. How about that?

and a final note....
Its hot in here. 84 degrees in our apartment. Goodbye pants!

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stretched navel/panther tattoo

New stuffs....

I know I never really update anymore, but I figure..the only thing more boring than living my life, is reading about it haha. So I've decided to spare all you guys/gals.

I've just been working a bunch. I got a raise at GameStop, so I now make 11.75/hr. Um... I booked an appointment with Paul Acker to do more Beetlejuice on my leg in July. And my piercer and I have made plans to scalpel my septum and put an anchor in my face in August. Super excited.

About a month ago I stretched my navel to 2g, and I got my panther tattoo..Photos under the cut.

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That's about all.
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What's a cook out without MAN-GINA?

No cookout at all...

A couple weeks ago we decided to have a cook out. Got a bunch of food and went to a nearby park. We had a great time and plan to do it more often now that its getting nicer outside.

Anywho, here are some photos from our little outting.

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until next time!
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